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At Ludlow Primary School, we believe that a caring school promotes the welfare, health, safety and guidance of every child. We recognise our statutory duty and pastoral duty to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our pupils.




At Ludlow Primary School, the Designated Safeguarding Lead is Kate Mather (Headteacher). She is supported by Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads who are Matt Hood, Kim Pearce and Ruth Cummings. 


It is the responsibility of the DSL to ensure that all concerns are recorded accurately and referred to the appropriate agency quickly to ensure that necessary actions are taken to promote children’s welfare. It is also their responsibility to ensure that all staff and volunteers are trained to an appropriate level and are confident in sharing concerns they have with the Lead Designated Person.  This training takes place each year.




There are a number of useful policies that help to explain our Safeguarding procedures. They include:

* Safeguarding and Child Protection policy

* Anti-bullying policy

* Behaviour policy

* Peer on Peer Abuse policy

* Staff Code of Conduct policy

These policies and others can be found by clicking here

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