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HEADTEACHER: Mrs Kate Mather


ASSISTANT HEAD: Mrs Julia Pearce

Early Years Phase Leader: Mrs Clare Preece

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader: Mr Matt Dean

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Miss Ruth Smith

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Mr Liam Whitbread


Teaching Staff:

Acorns & Little Buds Nursery Lead: Mrs Amy Gill 

Wrens (Reception class): Miss Thea Preece

Robins (Reception class): Mrs Clare Preece

1 Ash (Year 1): Miss Charlotte Morton

1 Oak (Year 1): Miss  Charlotte Bradley

2 Ash (Year 2): Mrs Lauri Pugh

2 Oak (Year 2): Mr Matt Dean

3 Ash (Year 3): Ms Rebecca Smith/Mrs Julia Pearce (Miss Sophie Nutt - maternity cover Autumn term)

3 Oak (Year 3): Miss Charlotte Atkins

4 Ash (Year 4): Miss Ruth Smith

4 Oak (Year 4): Miss Natasha Lockett

5 Ash (Year 5): Mr George Chambers

5 Oak (Year 5): Mrs Linda Mellish

6 Ash (Year 6): Mr Liam Whitbread

6 Oak (Year 6): Miss Sophie Davenport


Our Well Being Team:

SENDCo and Well Being Lead: Miss Jennie Marsden

Well Being Coordinators: Mrs Ruth Cummings, Mrs Kim Pearce and Mrs Keir Welch.

School Dogs: Woody and Ted


Our Learning Support Staff:

Mrs Austin, Ms Ansell, Mrs Badham, Ms Baillie, Mrs Baldwin, Miss Broome, Mrs Calleja, Mrs Chidley, Miss Clewlow, Mrs Davies, Ms Duppa, Ms Edwards, Ms Evans, Mrs Gould, Mr Howard, Mrs J Jones, Ms L Jones, Miss Kinsey, Mrs Lucas, Mrs Morgan, Miss Pitt, Mrs Seabourne, Mrs Thomas, Miss Wilson.

Our Admin Staff:

Mrs Elizabeth Barrett - School Business Manager

Mrs Hazel Weston - Administrator

Mrs Emma Wright - Administrator

Ms Deborah George - Administrator

Our Lunchtime Supervisors:

Sandpits Road: Mrs Lucas, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Evans, Miss Pitt, Mrs Jones, Mrs Davies, Mrs Baillie, Ms Ansell

Clee View: Mrs Calleja, Miss Clewlow, Ms Evans, Mrs Baldwin, Ms Jones, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Chidley, Miss Wilson, Mr Howard.

Our Premises Staff: 

Caretaker: Mr M Saunders / Miss S Barker

Cleaning staff: Mrs Preece, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Jones, Mrs Roberts






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