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Confident Communicators

The curriculum at Ludlow Primary School has four key drivers which underpin its content.

Each half term, we are going to focus on one of our curriculum drivers, raise its profile and celebrate our children who endeavour to improve in that area.

What does confidence look like?
• Positively responding to questions/requests
• Giving eye contact when both speaking and listening
• Having clarity / Being audible
• Speaking in full sentences
• Initiating further or new conversation through comment or question

How can parents help support this at home? What opportunities can be created outside of school?
• Direct engagement in conversation – this works better face to face e.g. at the dinner
table rather than in the car or whilst on a device.
• Review of the day:
What has your child achieved/experienced/learnt?
What is their current topic? What new words did they learn and what do they mean?
• Opportunities to debate:
Pose contentious questions to spark reaction linked to current affairs e.g. climate
change, politics, television, sport
• Opportunities to explain procedures or ideas:
Verbally talk through maths problems, explain how a Lego set of instructions was
completed or created, discuss a story idea.
• Recital / performance:
Listen and question to them during reading, have them share their story maps from
English work, recite a piece of poetry or a song
• Feedback to an audience:
Encourage them to interact in meaningful conversation with others – older relatives,
shop workers, answering the telephone, giving verbal messages
• Play games which encourage verbal interaction with others:
Junior Articulate and Story Cubes are particularly good for this.

When we see children communicating positively, what do we do in school?

We celebrate with verbal praise and reward with a Confident Communicator sticker.
Friday assembly will have a designated slot for certificates.

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