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Citizens of the World

The curriculum at Ludlow Primary School has four key drivers which underpin its content.

Each half term, we are going to focus on one of our curriculum drivers, raise its profile and celebrate our children who endeavour to improve in that area.


What do our children need to develop? What does being a Citizen of the World look like?

  • Having a sense of where we live
  • Developing geographical knowledge of where we live and how this fits in with the wider world
  • Showing knowledge of current affairs
  • Having pride in their heritage
  • Showing an awareness of the diversity of the UK and the wider world

How can parents help support this at home? What opportunities can be created outside of school?

  • Discuss where Ludlow fits in with the wider world, in relation to both the UK and the rest of the world.
  • Looks at maps, globes and atlases to spot different places.
  • Talk about any significant events which are happening around the world (e.g. religious festivals, the Olympics etc).
  • Discuss how different countries and cultures compare to our own.
  • Talk to children about different cultures within our country and discuss different ways that we can be respectful of these cultures.
  • Read books which are set in different countries, or that celebrate different cultures.
  • Listen to world music or learn another language together.

When we see children being a ‘Citizen of the World’, what do we do?

We celebrate with verbal praise and reward with a Citizen of the World sticker. Friday assembly will have a designated slot for certificates.


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