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  • Dark grey trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafore (shorts and skirts should be of a reasonable length)
  • White polo shirts or shirts
  • Maroon sweatshirts or cardigans with the school logo
    In summer (term after Easter holidays) maroon and white checked dresses (these are often sold as “burgundy” rather than maroon). Please note, that it is only dresses - not playsuits, checked shorts/tops combinations etc.
  • Jewellery is limited to one watch, plain stud earrings or sleepers.  These need to be removable for PE lessons/clubs.
  • Nail varnish must not be worn.
  • Make up must not be worn.
  • Long hair must be tied up.


Black school shoes or completely plain black trainers with black soles. This means no logos, hi tops, coloured soles or canvas shoes.

P.E. Kits
For P.E, children wear navy blue or black shorts, plain white t-shirts (not polo shirt) and will need a pair of non-slip trainers. They are advised to bring navy blue/black joggers and a warm navy blue/black sweatshirt as lessons take place in all weather conditions.

**Please note**

Please put your child’s name in all their clothing so it can be easily identified.

If children come to school wearing clothes or footwear which is not part of our uniform, they will be provided with something from our supply of clean uniform and plain black pumps.

Ordering Uniform

Uniform can be ordered online from

Please click on the Primary Schools tab then scroll down to the Ludlow Primary School tab to see and order our uniform.

They supply sweatshirts, cardigans, PE hoodies and joggers, PE bags, book bags and reversible jackets.

Sweatshirts cost from £11.99 and cardigans from £13.99 through the online service and can be delivered, at no extra cost, directly to school if you select click and collect to Ludlow Primary School or you can pay £4.99 for home delivery.

Second-hand Uniform

The Friends of Ludlow Primary School have set up a second-hand uniform area at the Clee View site which parents/carers will be able to access during office hours (8:30-4pm). We kindly ask for donations in exchange for any items.



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