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Ludlow Primary School Council

What is a school council?

  • A school council is a group of children that help make our school even better
  • A school council listens to the children in their class so that they know what they think about their school
  • A school council holds regular meetings 
  • A school council organises events to raise money for the school and charities

What does it do?

  • The School Council help around school and we are involved in regular events at school.​
  • The School Council collects the views of your class  and passes them to Ms Collins.
  • The School Council meet to talk about new ideas and take an active part in the monthly meetings.
  • The School Council take minutes of the meetings.
  • The School Council lets their class know what goes on in the meetings they attend

What is a class School Council Representative?

  • School Council representatives are elected by their class to represent those people who elected them.
  • They act as a link between their class and the adults in the school – teachers, teaching assistants, cleaners, dinner ladies, Mrs Mather and the Strategic Task Group of the DHMAT. 
  • School Council representatives have to be willing and able to put forward other people’s views even if they disagree with them.

Ways people can get in touch:

  • Talk to us when you see us around school - we wear badges so you know who we are.
  • Put a suggestion in the Suggestions Box.
  • Write a letter and give it to one of us.
  • Ask questions when we give feedback to the class.

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