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At Ludlow Primary School we aim to use Science to stimulate and excite pupils’ curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them as well as giving them the opportunities to develop their understanding and increase their knowledge. We aim to promote the development of enquiry, exploration and observation within a meaningful context. Knowledge and skills taught have been taken from the Science National Curriculum.

Our school’s Curriculum Drivers are designed to ensure that pupils at Ludlow Primary School have the opportunity to understand and appreciate the world around them so they can develop into responsible, knowledgeable and caring international citizens of the 21st century. Our science curriculum is designed to support these drivers and our school’s core values.

Science Competition April 2021

Keep your eyes peeled for our 'Design your own Science Super Hero' competition to be released in April!

Science Advent Calendar - Christmas 2020!

We have the opportunity to do some Science every day at home in the lead up to Christmas!
The STEM Hub have created a STEM Surprise Festive Countdown where every day a new challenge will be released to the children.
Click on the picture and it will take you to the advent calendar where a new 'window' will be opened each day. In each window there will be a video explaining the challenge for children to complete.


Click here to view all of the 24 Science activities on one document. Remember you don't have to do them in order or do them all! You could just pick your favourite! Enjoy!


Science Recommended Reads

If you love Science, you will love these books! To find more science books - both fiction and non-fiction - follow the link at the bottom of the page.


Local Ludlow Science

Martin Rees


Martin Rees grew up in Ludlow and went on to study at Cambridge and completed a PhD. Martin Rees's post-graduate work in astrophysics in the mid-1960s coincided with an explosion of new discoveries, with breakthroughs ranging from confirmation of the big bang, the discovery of neutron stars and black holes, and a host of other revelations. In 2005, Martin Rees was elevated to a life peerage, becoming Baron Rees of Ludlow.

To read more about him, follow these links:

Lord Rees gave our school a special message for our STEAM day in the past - click this link to watch the video!

Science activities for home!

  • Siemens's Super Science!

Age range: Designed for Key Stage 2 (7 to 11) but suitable for all ages with adult supervision

Siemens has a series of DIY videos designed to encourage families to conduct at-home science experiments using common items found in kitchen cupboards.

  • Science Fun for everyone!

These are lots of activities that have been designed to be easy to do at home! Clink here to see all the activities!

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