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Filename Size Date
ludlow-primary-school-plans-for-september-parent-doc.pdf 369.1KB 06/08/2020
September start and finish arrangements 14.7.20.pdf 87.6KB 06/08/2020
School Lunch booking.pdf 173.0KB 06/08/2020
School Lunch booking whole school.pdf 152.0KB 06/08/2020
Parent Letter re Sept School Transport 140820.docx 123.8KB 27/08/2020
3rd September 2020 parent letter.pdf 199.8KB 04/09/2020
7.9.20 parent letter.docx 105.5KB 07/09/2020
Home reading update sep 2020.pdf 174.6KB 08/09/2020
Covid-19 pupil absence guide sept 20.docx 29.7KB 10/09/2020
Covid-19 pupil absence guide sept 20.pdf 195.7KB 10/09/2020
23rd September - PHE letter to parents and guardians.pdf 110.0KB 23/09/2020
virtual oe invite yr5 and 6.pdf 86.0KB 23/09/2020
SEPT2020 000 Ludlow Primary School Menu Leaflet OCT-DEC 2... 385.0KB 30/09/2020
30.9.20 School Lunches.pdf 184.8KB 30/09/2020
PE KIT 9.10.20.pdf 223.8KB 09/10/2020
Parent Meeting Letter Covid 2020.pdf 137.2KB 16/10/2020
Family Support Worker Advice Sessions.pdf 175.1KB 02/11/2020
NOV2020 000 Ludlow Primary School Christmas Lunch Menu 20... 102.9KB 23/11/2020
FSM2 over Xmas 2020.docx 100.8KB 23/11/2020
Term end date December 2020.pdf 125.4KB 10/12/2020
Parent Letter - end of term Dec 2020.pdf 149.3KB 14/12/2020
Letter - Keyworkers 5.1.21.pdf 142.5KB 05/01/2021
Letter - Parents half-term 09.02.21.pdf 136.0KB 11/02/2021
Parent letter school reopening March .pdf 180.8KB 24/02/2021
Term Dates 21-22.pdf 163.3KB 11/03/2021
March 12th Parent letter.pdf 113.3KB 12/03/2021
March LFD testing letter.pdf 144.8KB 16/03/2021
Parent Meeting Letter March 2021.pdf 134.5KB 16/03/2021
Parent Letter - end of term April 2021.pdf 127.3KB 01/04/2021
Testing reminder 28.04.pdf 101.4KB 28/04/2021
Letter - Parents half-term May 21.pdf 151.3KB 28/05/2021
Staffing and class changes for September 21.pdf 177.9KB 12/07/2021
Letter for September 21.pdf 118.9KB 21/07/2021
Covid update.pdf 131.8KB 03/09/2021
Parent Consultation meeting Oct 21.pdf 136.1KB 06/10/2021
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