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Ludlow Primary School treats all pupils as individuals; we therefore refer to all pupils who may need educational provision which is additional to or alternative to their normal timetable, as being a pupil with Special Educational Needs (SEN).
The Governors and staff at Ludlow Primary School recognise the importance of identifying and supporting those pupils who have a Special Educational Need. We have an ‘open door’ policy for parents, for both behaviour and educational support, where a team approach is necessary to help the pupil make progress. We acknowledge the unique strengths, knowledge and experience that parents are able to contribute to the shared view of their child’s needs and the best way of supporting them.
The range of support deployed will be tailored to individual needs following thorough internal assessments or by external agencies. It is designed to promote pupils working towards becoming independent and resilient learners.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns in this area, please contact contact us (via the school office) and arrange to speak to Miss Marsden (SENCO) or one of our Wellbeing Team. 





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