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Our Curriculum



At Ludlow Primary School we are passionate about providing a curriculum for our learners which meets their needs in the 21st Century.

Our approach to curriculum planning is personalised and flexible so that it can be adapted to meet the needs of learners over time. 

Our starting point is ensuring that we meet the requirements of the National Curriculum in Key stages 1 and 2 and children at our pre-school and in reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


Curriculum links:

* The Primary National Curriculum

* The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework


Our Intent

How we plan to offer a rich and varied curriculum

 In designing our ever evolving and bespoke curriculum we start by identifying our Curriculum Drivers which take account of the opportunities and challenges in the context of our school community and our pupils’ lives.


Implementation and Impact


We aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to whole-heartedly engage our pupils and develop detailed knowledge, skills and behaviour relevant for a global 21st century.







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